The artist Jimmy Chiale  

is a marker master, abstract liner, colour wizard, canvas lover, paper whistler and mural seeker.

Born in 1987 raised in France, moved to Toronto in 2006. 

Experiencing with paints and markers days and nights, years after years, he developed a very unique and recognizable style of his own combining intricate psychedelic line work, what he calls his signature style, over bright acrylic coloured shapes resulting in having his viewers see total different things over and over again.  

He loves colours but the black line work is what solidify and equilibrate everything, it is the root of his talent, it is what defines him best. At the moment, this is what he likes to focus on, developing what he wants to call Chialism.

Jimmy’s inspirations have always been graffiti or artists like Picasso or Salvador Dali, also very much Michael Jackson, he explains that the love and determination that these artists have for their craft inspires him much more than the art itself.

Thank you!